Schools County Cross Country Selection

Each year the pupils from the Tamworth Schools of Landau Forte Qems, Landau Forte Amington, Rawlett, Wilnecote and Belgrave hold three cross country races for athletes to compete in the Staffordshire County Cross Country selection process culminating in the English Schools cross country competition which is held annually in March each year. Many of our top athletes have started their athletic careers by taking part in this process and representing one’s County is regarded as an honour..

DSC_1878 (2)

Eve Clawley

Eve Clawley of Landau Forte Qems has competed in 15 of these races starting in year 7 and finishing in year 11 and she holds the unblemished record of winning every one of the 15 races, she has gone on each year to represent Staffordshire and has won the County Cross Country Championship and place medals several times.  This year she will be joined by athletes from various schools in and around Tamworth who are also members of Tamworth AC who have also been selected to run for their County.

Tamworth AC members running for Staffordshire include

Natasha Lee and Lottie McLaren, Year 7.

Luca Bradley Year 7

Tegan Vickery and Emily Pearce Year 8/9,

Eve Clawley Year 10/11.

Tamworth AC members running for Warwickshire include

Abi Hamer and Libby Price year 8/9

James Stretton (Yr8/9) and Toby Wooton (Yr7)

They will all be representing their Counties at the Schools Inter County Cross Country Championships on 25th November at Moreton Morrell.

Other Tamworth AC athletes who competed in their various schools cross country races are


Katey Harvey came 14th  in her year 7 race

James Walker came 10th in his year 10/11 race

Freya Cole came 1st in her year 5 race

Sofia Farmer is in year 5 but ran as year 6 and she came 4th in her race

Annie Boonham came 2nd in her year 6 race

Adam Stokes came 5th for year 5,



WMYACCL Round One at Hatton Country Park 15th October 2017

A nice warm day with broken cloud provide the ideal setting for the Tamworth AC team to take part in their first Cross Country race of the season. At the finish of the day Tamworth’s Under 13 Girls team finished in a comfortable 5th place in the team positions whilst the Under 15 Girls and the Under 17 Women were 6th respectively in their Team positions. With four more rounds to go the Tamworth AC athletes got off to a good solid start.



Under11 Girls

Under 11 Girls

125 Runners

Team position at finish 10th (First Five in the Team count towards the team Score)

Freya Cole 36th

Bethany Metcalfe 46th

Penny Wileman 74th

Sofia Farmer 87th

Matilda Wileman 107th

Harriett Livingstone 109th

Robyn Lee 116th

Lottie Evans 122nd


Under13 Girls

Under 13 Girls

117 Runners

Team position at finish 5th (First Five in the Team count towards the team Score)

Tegan Vickery 21st

Lottie McLaren 23rd

Libbie Price 25th

Emily Pearce 40th

Natasha Lee 42nd

Ellie Gauntlet 47th

Angelica Rakmee 91st

Katie Harvey 94th


Under 15 Girls

Under 15 Girls

85 Runners

Team position at finish 6th (First Five in the Team count towards the team Score)

Abi Hamer 18th

Charlotte Perry 34th

Sophie Perry 46th

Sian Lewis 65th

Katie Stretton 68th

Morgan Wright 75th

Keira Richards 78th

Under 17 Women

63 Runners

Team Position at Finish 6th

Charlotte Bush 6th (Highest Placed Female Athlete)

Eve Clawley 8th

Emily Findlater 39th


Under 11 Boys

Under 11 Boys

129 Runners

Team position at finish 11th (First Five in the Team count towards the team Score)

Adam Stokes 63rd

Jacob Fletcher 85th

Joseph Gorst 91st

Max Hamer 94th

Jacob Williams 97th

Alfie Sipperty 102nd

Samuel Williams 116th

William Newman 122nd


Under 13 Boys

Under 13 Boys

100 Runners

Team position at finish 8th (First Five in the Team count towards the team Score)

James Stretton 4th (Highest Placed male Tamworth AC athlete)

Toby Wooton 26th

Rhys Oxford 68th

Kai Buckley 69th

Kian Dickson 71st

Aedan Mason 79th

Michael Winter 85th

Jake Chyla 100th


Under 15 Boys

 Under 15 Boys

87 Runners

Team position at finish 10th

James Walker 38th

Ben Edwards 46th

Oran Au 82nd


Under 17 Men

65 Runners

Team position at finish 11th

Max Kent 23rd

James Oakley 24th

Lichfield and Burntwood Inter Primary School Cross Country 27th March 2017

Athletes from Tamworth Athletic Club competed in the Lichfield and Burntwood Inter Primary School Cross Country recently. In the year 6 and year 4 races were 16 schools fielding a team of 4 athletes from each school.

In the year 6 race the Tamworth AC trio led from the start opening up a commanding lead. Saoirse Au won Gold, Natasha Lee won Silver and Angelica Rakmee followed with the Bronze Medal.

In the year 4 race Oisin Au finished a very close second place to take the silver medal.

Tamworth’s 4 athletes will now take a trip to Keele on June 23rd for the Staffordshire County finals.


Saiorse with her Gold medal and Angelika with her Bronze Medal


Oisin Au with his silver medal

Warwickshire Schools Cross Country at Loughborough 25th March 2017

Report and photos by Lisa Stretton

Athletes James Stretton and Ellie Gauntlett from Tamworth Athletic Club represented Warwickshire Schools in the National Yr 7 Cross Country Championships on Saturday at Prestwold Hall, Loughborough. There were athletes taking part from 28 different counties and regions across the UK.

James ran in the Yr 7 boys race and ran strongly, finishing 44th in a field of 153 runners and crossing the line first for Warwickshire.

James Stretton

Eliie ran in the Yr 7 girls. She had a disastrous start, taking a nasty tumble leaving her at the back of the field – she was cut and bruised but bravely got up and carried on, clawing her way back to finish 107th out of 151!Ellie Gauntlett

Overall, it was a daunting but exciting experience for the duo and they both represented TAC excellently!

The Tamworth Duo

Staffordshire Cross Country Relay event at Rowley Park Stadium Stafford on Saturday 25th March 2017

Report  and photos by Sue Fairburn.

On a sunny spring day Tamworth Athletics Club was represented by a group of young athletes in the Staffordshire Cross Country Relay event at Rowley Park Stadium Stafford on Saturday.

Running in the U11 boys were Joseph Gorst, Oisin Au, Max Hamer and Sam Williams

In the U11 girls team were Angelica Rakmee, Freya Cole, Saoirse Au. And Sofia Farmer

In the U13 boys there was Oran Au, Caydon Fairburn and Jacob Williams (normally U11 but he stepped up for the race) Oran ran two legs as the team was one down.

The U13 girls team were Tegan Vickery. Abi Hamer, Amy Cook and Emily Pearce

Each athlete runs one leg which is one mile long. Several of the athletes were running in their first Cross Country competition and none of them were phased by the experience. As all the age groups start at the same time there are under 11 athletes running with under 17 athletes, which can be quite daunting for the smaller youngsters, in spite of this all the Tamworth AC athletes kept their nerve and ran brilliantly.

Staffs Relays 1

Left to right back row, Jacob Williams. Sam William, Angelica Rakmee, Freya Cole. Amy Cook and Tegan Vickery.
Left to right middle row is Joseph Gorst. Oisin Au with red number 38. Behind him is Max Hamer.
At the bottom, left to right is Caydon Fairburn. Oran Au. Saoirse Au. Sofia Farmer. Emily Pearce and Abi Hamer.

After an excellent event the U13 girls came 2nd and the U13 boys came 3rd,  all the athletes that took part were given medals for competing.

Staffs relays 2

Left to right Tegan Vickery, Abi Hamer, Amy Cook, Emily Pearce Oran Au, Caydon Fairburn and Jacob Williams

WMYACCL 5th Round 12 February 2017 at Aldersley Stadium Wolverhampton.

Report and photos by Allen Cook.

The West Midlands Young Athletes Cross Country League provides young people from the age range 9 to 17 the opportunity to get away from their computer consoles, games machines, mobile phones and televisions to participate in events that test them. They not only have to battle against the elements (which can vary from warm sunshine to freezing rain and snow) but to run at a variety of venues, which  present challenges such as mud, long clumpy grass, pools, ditches and hills  Each athlete is dressed in running kit which offers no protection against the conditions and there is no hot shower at the end of the race, so the athletes have to go home sometimes caked in mud. Of course they are not only racing in these testing conditions but they are racing as individuals and as part of a team against other young people hell bent on doing better than them. Last but not least they are running against themselves and whether they are at the end of the race in the top ten or at the back of the field they know that in the next race, if they train hard in the meantime they stand a chance of bettering themselves providing them with the ultimate personal challenge.

In being a member of the team and as individuals, the challenges give them the opportunity to build their characters, mentally and physically and of course not forgetting the relationships that they form on and off the course with their team mates, training partners, coaches and competitors.

Final League positions.

On a rainy, cold, miserable and muddy day on Sunday last the Tamworth AC young athletes set out to once again to test their grit.  The race was the last in the series and at the end of the race the league tables were completed. Athletes from 20 of the regions clubs took part in the event making it quite a spectacle.

The highest placed male athlete was Toby Wootton (U11B) who came 6th in the individual league with a consistent run in each of the races, earning himself a medal.  Eve Clawley (U15G) was the club’s highest placed female athlete coming 7th in the league, unfortunately just missing out of the medals.

The highest placed Tamworth team was the Under 13 boys who came 4th in the team league, just falling short of the bronze medal.

The results here only include those athletes who completed at least three of the five races.

In the under 17 women’s races Charlotte Bush finished 11th in the individual table, while Emily Findlater (normally a sprinter) finished in a commendable 34th place. There were 68 runners and the team finished 8th in the team competition.

In the under 17 men’s team James Oakley was the highest in 19th place, followed by Tom Holloway 30th, Bradley Hammond 45th and finally Andrew Woods 52nd.. There were 83 runners and the team finished 6th in the team competition.

The under 15 girls had Eve Clawley 7th, Katie Stretton 55th, Charlotte Perry 68th, Sophie Perry 71st and Sian Lewis 79th..  The girls gave a good account of themselves considering there were 138 runners and 3 of the girls only competed in 3 of the five races nevertheless adding valuable points to the overall team score of 8th place.

Under 15 boys had Max Kent 12th, James Sherriff 26th, James Walker 43rd and Lewis Fulleylove 79th. There were 131 runners and the team finished a good 10th in the table.

The under 13 girls were Abi Hamer who was 8th, Emily Pearce 41st, Tegan Vickery 45th, Ellie Gauntlett 57th and Imogen Mulligan 104th. Bearing in mind that the girls in the lower positions contributed valuable points to the overall team position of 8th in the table.

The under 13 boys had 8 athletes. James Stretton 10th, Ben Edwards 12th, Oran Au 33rd, Kai Buckley 46th, Daniel Aston 55th, Harry Chesterton 63rd, Kian Dickson 64th and Caydon Fairburm 70th.. they were against 155 runners and finished 4th in the table.

The under 11 girls had Saoirse Au 30th, Connie Allen 44th, Freya Cole 45th, Angelica Rakmee 53rd, Daisy Smth 56th, Natasha Lee 84th and Kirsten McClaren 98th.. .  There were 196 runners and the girls finished in a strong 9th position in the league table.

The under 11 boys were Toby Wootton 6th, Jacob Williams 78th, Oliver Aston 90th, Luca Bradley 109th and Oisin Au 118th. Running against 197 runners the boys finished a very good 6th position in the league table.


Latest News – Cross Country Round – Up

Warwickshire Schools Championships 21st January 2017 at Stratford upon Avon

Running in the Under 17 Men’s race James Oakley came an excellent 5th place. In the Under 13 Boy’s race Kai Buckley gave a good account of himself in 20th place. In the Under 15 girls race Abi Hamer won a brilliant Silver Medal and in the Under 13 Girls race Ellie Gauntlett was an excellent 4th.

Midland Counties Cross Country Championships 28th January at Loughborough

In the Senior Women’s race Sarah Jemmett  (V50) came an excellent 83rd. Laura Lewis (Sen) was in p146th place.  In the Under 15 Girls race Hannah Brayer came 20th and Sian Lewis was 80th.  In the Under 13 Girls race Abi Hamer was 18th, Tegan Vickery was 54thand Ellie Gauntlett followed in65th place.

The Staffordshire Schools Cross Country Championships were held on 4th February at Rodbaston College.

Max Kent in the Under 15 Boys event came a good 9th and Ben Edwards in the Under 13 boys event came 15th. Eve Clawley in the Under 115 girls race came a very good 6th

Emily Pearce and Tegan Vickery were in the Under 13 Girls race they took and excellent 6th and 8th place.

The Leicester and Rutland Schools Cross Country Championships  4th February at Ratcliffe College

Sophie Perry was the lone Tamworth AC representative. She finished in an excellent 16th place against some tough opposition and is looking forward to her next competition.