Below is an alphabetical list of our coaching staff by age and event group.
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Academy athletes should also see our Academy page.

Coaching Co-Ordinator
Our Coaching Co-Ordinator is Andy Wright.
His role is to work with our coaches and assist athletes and parents to find the right coaching group for their needs.

Academy = 8-14yrs
Junior = 12-16yrs
Advanced = 15yrs+
Jog England = 16yrs+

Name Age Events
Tessa Barnard Academy & Junior Sprints, Jumps
Derek Bolton Academy Sprints, Jumps, Throws
Gordon Densley Junior & Advanced Sprints
Matt Evans Academy Endurance
Sue Fairburn Academy Endurance
Charles Kellyman Advanced Sprints
Matthew Hargreaves Academy & Advanced 400m, 800m, 1500m, Hurdles
Simon King Advanced Middle Distance
Paul Neville Junior Endurance
Sharon Orton Jog England General Fitness
Tom Orton Academy Sprints, Jumps, Throws
Sally Parkes Jog England General Fitness
Nick Perry Academy & Jog England Endurance, General Fitness
Helen Hedderman Jog England General Fitness
Don Smith Junior & Advanced Javelin
Paul Tasker Junior & Advanced Sprints, 800m
Caroline West Academy & Junior Sprints, Jumps
Mark Wicketts Junior Endurance
Richard Winfield Junior & Advanced Jumps
Dave Williams Academy & Junior Endurance
Ali Wood Academy Endurance