Midland Womens CrossCountry League 3rd Match at Droitwich, 12th January 2019

The new course at Droitwich was a testing, undulating and open field challenge for Division 2 with 274 runners taking part.

Making her debut and first test over 4 miles was Charlotte Bush finishing in a super 17th in 27:45, Charlotte at one point did get up to 10th (as did all the other ladies) but the 2nd lap with the strong wind and steep hill at the end proved too much, however it was a marvellous run for Charlotte.

2nd home for Tamworth was Megan Paynter-Hetherington in 42nd place with 29:35. Megan’s 1st lap placed her in the high 20’s chasing Charlotte.

3rd home for Tamworth and having a strong run and battling well was Nicky Cummings in 63rd with 30: 44.

4th in was the ever reliable stalwart cross country runner Katherine Handley Bradley finishing in 71st with 31:07 she said she found it hard on the hills but afterwards said she enjoyed it.

5th lady in was Debbie Hetherington who battled very strongly and never gave in she fought hard for 74th place in 31:15.

All the ladies did superb on the course putting the team into 8th place out of 24 which was the best since 2015. But unfortunately doesn’t count overall as tin the 2nd match we only had 1 runner. But it does show the talent and potential we have in the club for women’s cross country.

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