1st 2016 – 17 Birmingham Sportshall meeting

There was a fantastic turnout for the 1st sportshall meeting of the season with thirty two athletes many of them competing at the Sportshall for the first time but doing an excellent job scoring team points for Tamworth AC

Some of the outstanding performances came from

Saoirse Au

Saoirse Au in the U11G team came 3rd in the 1 lap with a time of 13.4secs and Ruby Coldwell came 2nd in the long jump with a jump of 1.78m. Team mates in the U11G were Molly Taunton, Kirsten Mclaren and Freya Cole all scoring valuable points.

Tom Reid

In theU11B team Tom Reid, James Wilkes, Toby Wootton, Oliver Aston  and Jacob Williams all gave fantastic performances with Tom Reid coming 1st in his 1 lap race with a time of 12.5secs. In the 2 x1 lap race  James and Toby came in 3rd with 26.8secs and the 2×2 lap race of Tom and James coming 1st with a time of 51.2 secs.  James also came 3rd in his vertical jump with 41cms and Toby 2nd in his vertical jump with 40cms. In the 6 lap paarlauf Oliver and Jacob were 3rd and the 4×1 relay team came 3rd with a time of 54secs.

Ellie Gauntlett

The U13G (finishing 2nd overall on the night) had the biggest team with the circuit relay team of Ellie Gauntlett, Tegan Vickery, Madison Rose Blencowe and Isla Crameri coming 3rd with a time 83.7secs..

The 4×2 lap relay team of  Abi Hamer, Amy Cook, Sian Hubbard and Emily Pearce came 3rd with a time of 54.1secs.

Emily Pearce came 2nd in her 4 lap race in a time of 54.1secs. Emily also came 3rd in the speed bounce with a score of 71

Abi Hamer came 2nd in her 6 lap race with a time 86.5secs and also came 3rd in her 2 lap race in 25.7secs. Amy Cook came 3rd in her 2 lap race with a time of 26.1secs she then went on to take 1st place in the shot with a throw of 7.56 metres.

Isla Crameri came 2nd in both the long jump and the triple jump with 2.06m and 6.24m

James Stretton

In the U13B team of Kai Buckley, Oran Au, Daniel Aston and James Stretton, James came 2nd in the speed bounce with a score of 80. All the boys scoring valuable points for Tamworth AC

Lucy Wheeler

In the U15G team Lucy Wheeler had an outstanding evening finishing with a personal score of 118 points coming 1st in the all-rounder event on the night…She took 1st place in the 2 lap race with 23.0secs, 1st place in the vertical jump with 57cms and the 2nd place in the shot with a throw of 8.86 metres.She then went onto take 1st place in 8 lap paarlauf with Lauren Swindell. Lauren took 1st place in the speed bounce with a score of 88. Sophie Perry, Katie Stretton, Hannah Evans and Charlotte Perry made up the rest of the U15G team adding valuable points to the Tamworth AC score.

Tim Li

The U15B were Tim Li and Dan Cartwright. Tim came 3rd in the long Jump with a jump of 2.32m and in the shot he took 3rd place with a putt of 8.94m. Dan took 1st in the 4 lap race with 46.6secs and in the long jump he had a jump of 2.22m. Together in the paarlauf they took 1st place with a time of 99.9secs.  Both athletes finished in the top 8 overall for the evening.


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