A Tribute to Albert ‘Alf’ Stokes

Today we say goodbye and celebrate the life of Albert Stokes, affectionately known as Alf to those who knew him in the world of athletics, who sadly passed away on Sunday 21st July aged 92.

Albert inspired countless young athletes over the years

Albert was a founder member and coach at Tamworth Athletics Club. He inspired countless athletes over the years; many of whom won National Championships and achieved International honours. Some have even followed in his footsteps as coaches themselves and are active members of the club to this day.

Albert’s greatest passion in athletics was race walking and his sheer enthusiasm was the force behind a formidable squad of athletes and coaches at Tamworth. Those who knew him best remember how Albert would always entertain them with many stories from a life that leaves an everlasting legacy at our club.

Albert celebrating his 80th birthday at the club he loved

Mark Williams, who credits Alf as the man who got him into his own successful race walking career as a youngster, summed up the sentiments of those who have paid tribute since his passing: “A man who liked to say it straight, as he saw it. He would give you everything and ask for nothing in return”

Our thoughts are with Albert and his family. He will be missed with sadness and remembered with fondness. Whether we knew him or not, we are all indebted to Albert for making our club what it is today. 10th November 1926 – 21st July 2019

Albert ‘Alf’ Stokes, 10th November 1926 – 21st July 2019

2 thoughts on “A Tribute to Albert ‘Alf’ Stokes

  1. Paul Tasker

    A Absolutely great honour to have met Albert when I was 14 and yes he did help and inspire many young athletes.In the latter years when he was unable to drive I had the pleasure driving him to many meetings untold stories and a fantastic sense of humour to go with all the jokes he played on us all and especially me and mark William’s.It has been A very Sad loss to myself and to our club.Its been a superb life for Albert and that’s how I will remember the 30 odd years of knowing you.

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