The ESAA National Championships 2018

Tamworth Athletics Club are pleased to announce they have a record number of  qualifying athletes going off to represent their school counties this year at one of the biggest competitions held in the world …the English Schools National Championships where over 1600 school children will congregate at the Alexander Stadium to compete for their county in their specialist event. The event is held on the 13/14th July and with ten TAC athletes competing this is the largest number of their athletes that have been involved.

Left to right James Sherriff, Jacob Spencer, Niamh Kilgallen, Eve Clawley, Amy Cook, Isla Crameri, Isabelle Neville, Lucy Wheeler and Dan Cartwright and below Sian Hubbard

DSC_2123 (2)


Representing Staffordshire Schools we have Isabelle Neville who is now competing in the senior girls for the last time after being selected for 5 yrs during her schools years in the 400m hurdles.

Eve Clawley competing for the first time for intermediate girls in her event of 300m.

Dan Cartwright after missing last years competition through injury is competing for intermediate boys in the 200m and the 4x100m relay.

Sian Hubbard and Niamh Kilgallen both competing for the first time in junior girls for Pole Vault and High Jump respectively.

Representing Warwickshire we have Lucy Wheeler competing in intermediate girls in the 100m.

Jacob Spencer competing for intermediate boys in the 200m.

James Sherriff competing for the first time in intermediate boys doing 400m.

Amy Cook competing for the first in junior girls for Javelin.

And for Leicestershire we have Isla Crameri competing for the first time in junior girls for pole vault.These athletes are to feel proud and should congratulate themselves for being selected. Good Luck to you all.

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