Midlands League Division1 Match No. 4 at Nottingham AC 5th July 2017

Tamworth athletic club performed well in the final Midlands Division 1 fixture on Saturday at Notts AC.  Tamworth knew this was going to be a crucial fixture as to who was going to stay in the league or be relegated.

Tamworth had a few stand out performers who always put their bodies on the line to score points for the team.  In the ladies, Olivia Woodward competed in six events. She ran the 200mtrs in 27.1 seconds, heaved the shot out to 9.34mtrs for 3rd place, threw the discus 18.51mtrs, pushed the hammer out to 15.63mtrs and took another 3rd place in the javelin with 25.58mtrs.  Olivia also ran the anchor league of the record breaking 4 x 100mtr relay team, taking the title with excellent baton changing.

Tamworth had 2 men that did all they could to secure massive points for the team.  Doug Stark took 2nd in his 110mtrs hurdles in 16.5seconds, then out in the field Doug ripped the opposition apart jumping 6.11mtrs in the long jump, 12.48mtrs to give him 2nd place in the triple jump, 1.80mtrs in the high jump, 1st place in the shot putt with 13.76mtrs, 42.18mtrs in the discus for another 2nd place finish and a mighty 48.29mtrs in the javelin.

Kane Densley spent most of his day on the track taking first place in his 400mtr hurdles in 56.5seconds, first place in the 110mtr hurdles in 16.7seconds and 2nd place in the 100mtrs in 11.14seconds. Kane also ran the last leg of the 4 x 100mtr relay team that took 2nd place to Birchfield Harriers in 43.8seconds and the first leg of the 4 x 400mtr relay team that took gold in 3min 25seconds. In the field Kane cleared a height of 1.55mtrs in the high jump and in the triple jump he did a distance of 10.38mtrs,

Harry Everitt ran 11.8seconds for 4th place in his 100mtrs, bur improved for a silver in the 200mtrs with a time of 23.3seconds.  Harry then ran the first leg of the winning 4 x 100mtr relay team.

International athlete, Tom Burton, made an appearance for Tamworth and won his 200mtrs in 22seconds, he also helped Tamworth to the win in the 4 x 400mtr relay and their second place in the 4 x 100mtr relay.

Tom Ainsworth took 2nd place in the 400mtrs and ran the anchor leg of the wining 4 x 400mtr relay team.

Anthony Parkes took 3rd place in the 400mtrs with 53.7seconds, finished with a time of 2min 1second in the 800mtrs and ran the third leg of the 4 x 100mtr relay,

Marathon runner Ben Evans, competed in the 800mtrs and finished in 2minutes 19.7seconds and followed this up with 9minutes 46.7seconds in the 3000mtrs.

Newly wed Stephen Parkes, was back from his honeymoon to take 2nd place in the 3000mtr steeplechase in 9mins 56.1seconds, and another 2nd place in the 1500mtrs in 4minutes 15.4seconds. Stephen finished his day as part of the winning 4 x 400mtr winning relay team.

Tri-athlete David Brayer stayed on the track to run the 1500mtrs in 5min 22.5seconds and the 3000mtrs in 11mins 18.5seconds.

Gavin Showell jumped 5.11mtrs in the long jump and heaved the hammer out to 19.79mtrs.

Alex Berrow took first place in the shot putt with 12.32mtrs, 2nd place in the discus with 26.21mtrs and a mighty 52.03mtrs in the hammer to take 2nd place.

Youngster Ethan Aidney, in his first A team appearance, took 2nd place in the javelin with 38.74mtrs.

 The winning 4 x 400mtr relay team of Kane Densley, Tom Burton, Stephen Parkes and Tom Ainsworth.

In the ladies team, Alice Mellor took 2nd place in the 100mtrs in 13.4seconds and third in the 200mtrs in 27.5seconds.

Laura Langowski ran her 400mtrs in 59.8seconds and leapt out to 4.59mtrs in the long jump and 9.74mtrs in the triple jump.

Isabelle Neville took 2nd place in the 400mtrs in 59.8seconds, 3rd place in the 400mtr hurdles in 64seconds and jumped 8.94mtrs in the triple jump.

Beth Devonshire ran her 100mtr hurdles in 19.2seconds and cleared a height of 1.30mtrs for 2nd place in her high jump.

Emily Findlater took 4th in the 100mtr hurdles in 19.7seconds, 3rd place in the 400mtr hurdles in 70.5seconds and scored important point for the team by running the 800mtrs.

Sprinter, Lucy Wheeler, jogged an 800mtrs for vital points, heaved the shot out to a new p.b of 8.57mtrs for 3rd place and threw the discus 20.35mtrs.

Hannah Brayer ran her first A team race in the 1500mtrs and finished with a time of 4minutes 54.6seconds. Older sister, Rebecca Brayer, did the distance double and ran the 1500mtrs in 5min 16seconds followed by the 3000mtrs in 11mins 1.2 seconds for 3rd place.

Charlotte Vincent long jumped her way to 3.98mtrs and cleared a season’s best height of 1.40mtrs in the high jump.

Isobel Spencer threw the javelin 23.22mtrs for 2nd place and helped the team with a great heave in the hammer.

The record breaking 4 x 100mtr relay team of Hayley Mills, Wheeler, Mellor and Woodward took first place in 49.2seconds. With the 4 x 400mtr relay team of Findlater, Neville, Langowski and Mills also breaking the club record from 2008 by 4 seconds with a time of 1mins 0.3seconds, this secured top flight competition for next season.

Tamworth finish 2nd in the league in their first year if division 1 competition.  With many youngsters coming through the ranks ready to compete for next season, the future is looking good at Tamworth Athletic Club.

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