Youth Development League Lower Age Group at Tamworth Stadium  22nd April 2017.

Athletes from Tamworth competed at the weekend in the 1st YDL lower age group competition of the season at their home stadium in Tamworth. They presented with a very strong field missing out only a few of the activities thus finishing in a very strong position in the league table in second place to Telford AC.


U15 Boys

Timothy LI 100m A 3rd 12.4secs, 200m 3rd 24.7secs Long Jump A 2nd 5.10m

Oran Au 100m B 5th 13.7secs, 200m B 4th in 29.5secs, Long Jump 4th with 3.99m

James Walker 300m A  4th in 45.9secs, 800m A 3rd in 2mins 33.2

Cameron Williams 300m B 2nd in 43.3secs, 300m B 2nd in 2mins 21,  Javelin B 2nd with 15.18m

James Sherriff 1500m A 1st in 4mins 38.6, Discus A 3rd with 16.37m, Javelin A 2nd with 21.71m

4 x 300 Relay Oran Au, Timothy Li, James Walker, James Sherriff 1st in 2mins 56.3


James Sherrff, James Walker, Oran Au, Sophie and Charlotte Perry

U15 Girls

Isla Crameri 100m A 4th in 14.6secs, Pole Vault A 1st with 2.40m

Gabrielle Degg 100m B 3rd in 15secs

Niamh Kilgallen 100m NS 2nd in 14.6secs, 200m A 5th in 30.6secs, 7m Hurdles A 3rd in 13.1secs

Abi Hamer 100m NS 2nd in 14.8secs, 1500m A 1st in 5mins 31.6

Sian Lewis 300m A 3rd 46.9secs, 800m A 3rd in 2mins 40.8, Javelin B 1st with 12.77m

Sophie Perry 300m B 2nd in 51.9secs, 800m B 1st in 2mins 46.4

Katie Stretton 800m NS 2nd in 2mins 48.7

Charlotte Perry 1500m B 1st in 5mins 52. Discus 2nd with 6.59m

Amy Cook Long Jump A 2nd with 4.07m, Shot B 1st with 7.24m, Javelin A 1st with 23.36

Sian Hubbard Long Jump B 2nd with 4.06m, Pole Vault B 1st with 2.35m

Alice Jones Shot A 1st with 8.92m, Discus A 4th with 16.00m, Hammer A 3rd with 20.79m

4 x 100m Relay Niamh Kilgallen, Amy Cook, Beth Winstone, Sian Hubbard 2nd in 60.8secs

4 x 300 Relay Sian Lewis, Isla Crameri, Char4lotte Perry, Katie Stretton 1st in 3mins 18.3

U13 Boys

Kian Dickson 100m A 7th in 16.8secs, Shot B 3rd with 4.81m

Aedan Mason 100 B 6th in 16.3secs, 800m B 3rd in 2mins 55.4

James Stretton 200m A 5th in 29.5secs, 1500m A 2nd 5mins 12.9, Long Jump A 4trh with 4.04m

Toby Wooton 200m B 5th in 32.2secs, 1500b 1st 5mins 15.8, Long Jump B 3rd with 3,22m

Daniel Aston 800m A 5th in 2mins 57.6. Javelin B 4th with 10.26m

Kai Buckley Shot A 3rd with 6.47m, Javelin A 3rd with 25.23m

4 x 100 relay James Stretton, Daniel Asdton, Toby Wooton, Kai Buckley 3rd in 62.1secs



U13 Girls

Saoirse Au 75m A 6th in 11.6secs, Long Jump A 3rd with 3.66m, High Jump A =3rd with 1.20m

Angelica Rakmee 4th in 12.4secs

Lily Williams 75m NS A 1st in 11.1secs, Javelin B 1st with 9.30m

Daisy Smith 75m NS B 1st in 12.6secs, 800m NS B 1t in 3mins 07.2

Emily Pearce 150m A 4th in 22.3secs, 800m A 3rd in 2mins 42.0, Long Jump B 3rd with 3.42m

Madison Rose Blencowe 150m B 4th in 24.0secs, 800m NS A 2nd in 3mins 06.1

Ellie Gauntlett 800m B 1st in 2mins 47.8, Shot A 3rd with 5.17m

Lottie McLaren 1200m A 1st in 4 27.5, High Jump B 2nd with 1.20m

Tegan Vickery 1200m B 1st in 4mins 29.6, Shot B 5th with 3.59m

Ruby Spencer Javelin A 1st with 23.31m

4 x 100m Saoirse Au, Angelica Rakmee, Ellie Gauntlett, Emily Pearce 5th in 64.0secs

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