Tom Burton – crowd-funding campaign

Hi Guys,

As you may be aware, last season i improved my best performance over the 400m hurdles and reached the Olympic qualifying stabdard for Rio later this year.

i am in the process of trying to maximise my chances of gaining selection for the games, mainly via financial support.

The majority of my competitors in the UK that are also challenging for selection received funding from the sports Governing Body, British Athletics, enabling them to focus solely on their training.

i do not receive such funding and so have to personally fund my involment in the sport through full time employment. This work:sport balance can often be very difficult.

i am seeking financial support to enable me to take a step back from employment for certain periods in the build up to the Rio Olympics to give myself the best possible chance of performing to my best.

I am very happy to announce that I have been selected by Powerade to be part of their new International Olympic crowdfunding program. My campaign is now live and its main goal is to help me to get closer to my Rio 2016 Olympic dream!

The way this campaign works is very simple. Choose one of the exclusive rewards (according to your own budget) and be part of my Olympic venture.

I will not be able to succeed in this campaign without your support! Your contribution will help me to launch my campaign and to convince many other people to donate. After backing on my project, make sure you share my campaign using the hashtag #POWERTom !

Thanks you very much for helping me, I can’t wait to share this new adventure with you!

Please go to in order to support me on my Olympic journey!

Talk to you soon! #POWERTom !


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