Sports Therapy at TAC

Greg Richards is a Tamworth Athletic Club athlete currently providing Sports Therapy services from his home, near the NEC.

Greg has been a TAC athlete since 2002, mostly as a sprinter and more recently taking up Javelin to enable him to continue to support the Senior teams.

Greg is pleased to offer 30 minute treatments to Tamworth Athletes at the club, to enable them to identify problems, and devise strategies to assist in minimising them. These sessions can also be used for regular massage maintenance in specific areas, such as the hamstrings or calves. These session are on Mondays, between 6pm and 8.30pm. Greg is DBS checked and a member of the Sports Therapy Organisation.

As these sessions are very short, only one area at a time can be treated, and you may receive advice as to other further treatments that may be necessary.

Treatments are conducted in the main room at TAC in the open, as they would be at an event, and so shorts should be worn and proper towelling techniques can be used for those requiring upper back, chest and shoulder treatments. There is not yet a suitable private area at the club.

Other things to remember:

Under 16’s require parents to be present to sign a Minor Consent Form, and to facilitate understanding where applicable.

These are maintenance or initial treatments and are therefore limited in the nature of what can be achieved in one session.

Cost is currently £10 per session, a signature is required against a disclaimer which can be read before the start of the session. On arrival read and sign before the designated start time. Please arrive on time as any late arrival will eat into an already short session and will cost the same.

A maximum of two sessions can be booked consecutively subject to demand.

Check the Facebook page before leaving in case of a last minute cancel – (got really stuck on the motorway once and nearly didn’t make it!)

All sessions are booked by replying to the post on the TAC facebook page with the time slot desired. This helps others to see whats already booked.

7 out of every 9 Mondays will be available.

Feel free to ask Greg about it at the club.