Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Updated 21 May 2020

The Tamworth AC Committee met on Tuesday 19 May to discuss plans for a phased reopening of our facilities in line with the recent guidance from England Athletics.

As a general principle we will be asking those who can reasonably train away from the stadium to continue to do so. Regardless of the measures in place, all users of our facilities should consider the risk to themselves and members of their household before training at the club.

We are currently reviewing and updating our risk assessments and putting the necessary health & safety measures in place. Once this exercise has been completed, any athletes and coaches using the track will need to be fully aware and ‘signed up’ to the protocols of using the track before access will be allowed.

The committee decided that the first phase of reopening will be limited to current member athletes with a designated lead coach at the club, and specifically those who already have access to a gate key through purchase of an annual training pass.

We will be implementing a booking system for training sessions to ensure that limited numbers of athletes use the track at any one time, and this will be managed by coaches on behalf of their athletes.

Unfortunately, for the time being, this excludes Academy and junior athletes and general admissions as we need to carefully manage numbers whilst we adapt to the current guidelines.

Specifically, the guidelines only allow a coach to work with a single athlete, or for senior athletes to train on their own or in pairs, complying with social distancing measures at all times. The guidance also prohibits the use of High Jump and Pole Vault beds and sand pits.

We want to use our coaches to keep in contact with their athletes to provide guidance on the measures in place and the expectations of those using the club’s facilities.

The COVID-19 response is continually evolving, and the committee will frequently review the guidance provided by Government and England Athletics to inform our planning. We will continue to provide updates on our plans for subsequent phases of resuming athletics at the club.

The current restrictions mean that we cannot cater for everyone at this time. The health & safety of athletes, coaches and officials remains our top priority and we ask for your continued understanding and patience throughout this difficult time.

Please note that we are unable to advise on individual circumstances or take training bookings via social media channels. Designated coaches will be the primary point of contact for athletes during this first phase.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

The latest England Athletics guidance can be found here.

The latest guidance from Government can be found here.

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